Kick-start imagination – Make a fun picture collage!

Fun Picture Collage

Collage, as we all know, is making art with bits of paper. We can also extend collage to include pictures as well, instead of just pieces of paper. This fun activity can be offered to children even as young as 18 months! What’s more? You can use this activity as a learning tool or for plain wholesome fun!

What you’ll need:

  1. Magazines / Newspapers
  2. Plain sheets of paper or a drawing book
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Writing materials (pens, pencils – whatever you want!)
  6. Colouring materials (Colour pencils, wax crayons, sketch pens – as you wish)
  7. All your imagination!

How to go about it

Step 1 – Get the pictures

Grab your old magazines and newspapers and cut out pictures from these. You can let the older children look for and cut out the pictures on their own!

Step 2 – Spread out the materials

Spread out the materials that your child will need in front of them – papers, glue, colours and of course the pictures.

Step 3 – Leave them alone!

Let the kids work their magic. Allow them to create fun scenes with the pictures. If they want to draw and colour, let them. If they only want to stick – that’s ok too. You can prompt them with topics (like “Funny Faces”) and let them come up with something. Let them get surreal and silly.

Possibilities are immense!

Fun Picture Collage (3)

The fun thing about this project is that kids never really question why they are doing it. They’re just up for anything, whether or not they want to follow your directions. Sometimes they will simply take your instructions as a suggestion and go off on their own whim. Moreover, you can use this technique as a learning tool. Here are some ideas:

  1. Pictures of body parts that you can use to get kids to stick on and learn about them. Add more fun with cut-outs from different faces!
  2. Make a picture of a market with cut-outs of vegetables, fruits etc.
  3. Cut out some of the poses and expressions on the models’ faces and let the kids enjoy mixing up their features and creating my own new race of superhuman model-freaks.
  4. Older children can use pictures to create their own stories and comics.


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