Lockdown Makeover – Let the Kids Redecorate their Room

With the lockdowns everywhere around the world, we have stayed at our homes longer than any other time that we remember. With the entire family gathered up, there is an opportunity to bring out all those board games, books, do some fun physical activity indoors and of course, do some creative stuff together. We thought this could be a great time to get children to do a lockdown makeover for their rooms – plan, design, DIY, paint, craft – what’s not to love!

So, here’s a rough guide and a few ideas to help your child do up their rooms, and make it Insta-worthy!

Getting Started

First things first, since this is a lockdown project, we need to remind the children that we will have limited resources. The ideas should be such that most of it could be done from stuff lying around the house, along with the art & craft supplies you definitely must-have for a rainy (or lockdown!) day.

You might want to ask the kids to organize their supplies before they start. Also help them collect things that can be upcycled – CDs, old frames, cartons etc.

Start the Planning

There are 2 basic things when it comes to redecoration planning. Set the boundaries, and agree on what the kids can and cannot do in the course of redecoration. For example, you might not want them to remove/ rearrange the furniture, or paint directly on the walls.

Second, help the children decide if they want to decorate with a theme in mind. There’s no greater joy than having your favorite character all around your room, but a no-theme decor could open up unlimited possibilities. Or they might choose to do a few pieces related to a theme, and the rest of it freestyle. Their room, their choice.

The fun begins

Now that you have the basics down, here are a few ideas to pick up and customize according to the theme you have selected, or use them as-is.

Wall decoration

Look at the wall space available, and decide what shall go well there? Maybe a banner with the child’s name, or a quote he loves? Here are some wonderful ideas for banners.

Or maybe you want to put up an art work with some old magazines lying around the house?


Make a fun and easy lampshade with a black chart paper.Or change it from stars to any other shape or drawing. Create tiny pinholes along a sketch made on the paper, and impress everyone with your masterpiece that lights up the room.

Too complicated? Take a bulb, color on it in the various shade with markers, and plug it back in – see the rainbow emerge when you switch the light on.

Organize the desk

Time to wear the upcycling hat, and use the old boxes, cardboard rolls, and discarded stationery to create some awesome desk organizers. More inspiration here!


Make memories with a Photoframe

Whether you want a Superhero Photo frame or an upcycled one, let your creativity come to the fore, and dress up the memories!

Bring the greens in

Reclaim an old photo frame and an old wooden box/ tray to make a  succulent garden or help the child make a kid-friendly terrarium.

And where there are plants, if you have a window that faces outside, you might want to make this birdfeeder to get those birds chirping!

Some cool ideas, eh? You can also use this time to focus on the upcycled crafts – some interesting newspaper craft ideas here. Or if you are into superheroes, you will love this compilation. Of course, the good old origami will always keep you engaged creatively for hours, and will make the room look so good!

Did you have a spot of redecoration at your home? Do share the pics with us!

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