Summer Snack – The all time favorite, Sandwich!


Mommies always battle to please their little one’s taste buds.

What better than a yummy sandwich to satisfy the hunger pangs? They are easy to make, get ready in no time and the best thing is that they are healthy and loved by people of all ages. Looking for some creative twist to the regular sandwiches? Here are few tasty ideas to make lunch boxes or kids’ party more fun! What’s more – these are just the right level to get your junior chef involved too!!

1. Yogurt and veggie delight


The kids will hog this yummy delight that makes an excellent source of nourishment, fully loaded with vegetables.
• Take two slices of bread, slice off the sides.
• In a mixing bowl, add few boiled corn kernels, finely chopped red and green bell peppers and a finely chopped onion.
• Add a cup of hung curd with a table spoon of mayonnaise.
• Finally, mix in the seasoning. Sprinkle some salt, pepper, oregano, red chilli flakes.
• Mix well and spread a thick layer on a slice of bread. Close it with the other slice.
• Grill the sandwich or heat it on a griddle. Cut into triangles and serve.

2. Perfect Pinwheel


An innovative presentation of a sandwich for sure! Rolling up the slices into pinwheels form an elegant party snack for little monsters. You can customize the pinwheels to please the tiny taste buds.
• Take three – four slices of bread, slice off the sides.
• Flatten the slices with a rolling pin.
• Spread Peanut Butter, Jam, and Mayonnaise, Cheese, grated vegetable or any other spread loved by your kid on each slice.
• Place one on top of other. Roll up carefully. Cut the roll into bite size pieces. Enjoy.

3. Spinach and Corn Craving


Kids are most often in war with Spinach. The moment this iron rich ingredient is served, kids are sure to ditch the meal. Worry not, help is here in making this wholesome vegetable an attractive one!
• Take two slices of bread, slice off the sides.
• Put together a bunch of washed and cooked spinach, a cup of boiled corn kernels and white sauce.
• Mix in the seasoning – Salt, Pepper and oregano.
• Grill the sandwich or heat it on a griddle. Cut into triangles and serve.

4. Pita Pockets


Fill up the Pita Pockets with colorful vegetables and healthy sauces to suit your taste. If your kid enjoys eggs, do not forget to add boiled egg slices to add to the nutritional value.
• Warm up the Pita bread and cut into two halves.
• Shred the vegetables of your choice in a mixing bowl.
• Add seasoning, mustard sauce, mayonnaise or ketchup along with mixed vegetables.
• Fill up the Pita pocket and serve warm.

5. Open Sandwiches


Experiment with various ingredients match up with your kids taste. Sweet or salty, healthy or less nutritious, these are surely kids favorite.
• Take a slice of bread and slice off the crust.
• Apply peanut butter on the slice and sprinkle some roasted and chopped almonds on it.
• You can add some melted chocolate on top too! Yummy isn’t it?


You can easily transform the regular bread slices and boring meals into exciting and eye catching sandwiches for your children, and with them. Experiment with a few ingredients and be clever with sauces, innovative with fillings and tickle the little taste buds. Use cookie cutters to give different shapes. Getting them involved in the process of making this fun food is sure to lure them into eating it as well!

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