Make it – Mango Seed Bird

It is the season of the king of fruits – Mangoes!! Eat away those delicious mangoes, but save the seeds! You can transform them into cute little birds!

What you’ll need:

  1. Mango Seed – Washed and Dried
  2. Craft Feathers
  3. Craft Paper
  4. Googly Eyes
  5. Pipe Cleaner Wires
  6. Glue

How to go about it:

  • Wash and dry the mango seed thoroughly. Ensure that you dry the seed in the hot sun for at least 2 days and that it is completely dry.

Step 1 - Wash and Dry Mango Seed

  • Observe the seed and see how your bird can fit in on the seed.
  • Stick a few feathers on one part of the seed – generally the narrower part. Repeat this on both sides of the seed.

Step 2 - Feathers

  • Stick googly eyes on both sides of the seed on the head part of the seed.

Step 3 - Eyes

  • Cut the craft paper into a small triangle and stick it up as the beak of the bird.

Step 4 - Add Beak

  • Bend a small piece of a pipe cleaner into a “W” shape and stick it for legs. You can use craft paper also.
  • Your bird is now ready! Put it on your window or in the garden. Or stick it on a paper to make 3D bird craft!

Step 5 Complete Bird

Eco-friendly Tip – Replace the googly eyes with pepper corns and use dried and pressed leaves instead of the feathers to make a completely “natural” bird!

Encourage children to observe the seeds and visualize shapes of things! Children of all ages can enjoy this activity and come out with craft that is absolutely gorgeous! So what else can you make with a mango seed???

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