Make parenting even more easy with the KidEngage Parent Club!

KidEngage Parents Club

The solution to every parenting problem starts with 9 words:

“I’m here”
“I hear you”
“How can I help you?”

And this is exactly what we at KidEngage say to carry out our mission #ParentingMadeEasy.

KidEngage is a discovery and engagement platform to help make parenting easy. With us, you can connect with schools, educational service providers, activity centers, and children’s event organizers. You can buy curated products for your kids and browse through a multitude of activity ideas for their children or look up helpful content on Parenting, Education, Books and DIY. We ensure that you have the best options available for your children, to make informed choices – right from what to do this weekend, which school your child should be going to, what activities are good for your child, what books to read, what games you can play to how you can deal with parenting issues.

Over the last 4 years, the parenting communities in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and other major cities in India have adopted KidEngage in ever-increasing numbers, making us the fastest growing parenting platform in these cities.

With all the encouragement, and the interactions that we had with parents during this time, we felt the need to take our relationship with you to the next level. Introducing the KidEngage Parents Club!

What is KidEngage Parents Club?

The KE Parents Club intends to help parents do the best they can for their children. This is a club that makes Parenting Easy and Delightful and creates great childhood memories for your kids. The KidEngage Parents Club offers parents everything they need to create a simpler, more connected life for their family. It helps parents in making small doable changes, worry less – and enjoy more. For parents who want to balance their children’s lives but don’t know where to start, the KidEngage Parents Club provides both inspiration and a blueprint for change.

Here is what the KidEngage Parents Club offers you:

We’re especially excited about this offering because, with all the disruptions and uncertainty families are dealing with right now (and the extra at-home time for parents!), we feel it couldn’t have come at a better time. We invite you to give the KidEngage Parents Club a try!

Get more for kids. Take the first step towards making parenting easier by signing up for the KidEngage Parents Club.

Get started and explore the new KidEngage Parents Club! And keep telling us what you like, and how we can improve further. We hope you will make the best use of the KidEngage Parents Club to Discover the best and Delight your children.

You’re just a step away from availing of all the benefits of the KidEngage Parents Club !

KidEngage Parents Club

Happy Parenting!

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