6 tips for a parent to add a touch of “Real School” to “Reel School”

Online Schooling from Home
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The pandemic has triggered the shift to online teaching from a classroom setup and with no certainty in the picture the vision of classroom crowd of kids engaging and enjoying is receding to a limitless distance. The shift is huge and overwhelming for kids. If your night’s sleep is getting sabotaged wondering how, as parents, you can help our kids cope with the transition, don’t worry!

Here are some things that you can do to make them ready for the new normal.

  • Set up a school-like environment:

    We see a lot of viral videos when the video is disrupted with family members entering the line of sight. You don’t want to accidentally barge in and disrupt your kid’s classes and cause them embarrassment. As parents, we know the importance of an engaging, educational space in a classroom in creating the learning ambience for your kids but did you know it is just as important to create that ambience at home? A dedicated quiet, uncluttered home learning space helps your kid to develop creativity, maintain their focus, and give them a sense of consistency. Read more for ideas to get your children ready for Online Classes. Make Online Learning Effective!


  • Give them an outlet:

     A change can be overwhelming for kids. Kids are getting more bored with each passing day. Introduce your kids to platforms that offer them a variety of resources to process their feelings. Platforms like KidEngage bring an endless variety of drawing, story writing, communication, dancing, and many more engaging activities to help you kid make the most out of this period.


  • Maintain a routine:

    After months of lockdown, Kids have probably realized that a “No school” life is not as glorious as it seems.  The kids who used to complain every day about having to go to school are missing the routine, the eager wait for the recess period, and the normal life.  Maintain their routine as close to normal by setting alarms similar to those they would encounter at school to keep them on a schedule.  Having a schedule will help your child to prioritize and learn to create goals, tasks, and deadlines.


  • Seek help:

    During this unprecedented situation, every parent is struggling to keep the positivity intact and to be a positive force for their children. Each parent is going through a new experience. Reach out to the other parents to see what they have found effective and if they need any help as well. It is also important to be in touch with the teachers of your kids to navigate the online learning journey more closely.


  • Reduce distractions:

    A “Digital Quarantine” means a lot of “Digital noise”. Kids struggle to figure out what information to tune into and what information to tune out. Help your kids filter out the noise by limiting their distractions. Monitor your child’s television, video game, and Internet usage.


  • Set a good example:

    2020 has become a year of hindsight and is a stressful time for adults, kids, everyone. Think carefully about how you handle conflict and problems. Talk to your kids about the positives, rather than negatives. Guide them to be resilient by demonstrating a positive attitude.

 A lot of activities have moved online from Summer Camps to Music lessons, Storytelling sessions, Art Classes, and even Schooling and children are spending a lot of time online. But, while the internet is a reservoir of information, it also has its dangers and presents new challenges to parents. How can we maximize all the benefits of the internet, while minimizing its potential harm? Read a few safety tips and ways you can make the most of the situation and help your child grow with the digital age and keep themselves safe.

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