Activities for Little Eco-Warriors – Make kids ecologically aware

Activities for Eco Friendly warriors

Making your children aware of the significance of preserving the environment will help them learn about real-world issues, to appreciate nature and to use natural resources carefully. Teach them about environmental issues with these simple DIY activities and do your bit for the environment.


Having birds in our garden is beneficial. Many birds are natural pest controls; they eat insects like moths, bugs,  caterpillars, etc. Plus, we get to hear the sound of happy birds in our backyard! Try this DIY birdhouse from GreenKidsCrafts to attract birds to your home!

Bird house DIY

Bird Feeders

You can also try making Bird Feeders with this compilation of ideas from HappyHooligans.

Bird Feeders DIY

Make a Bug Hotel

Bees and bugs are very important to our ecosystem, so teaching our kids the difference between the good ones (beneficial insects) and unwelcome pests in a food garden will help them appreciate the importance of their presence. This simple bug hotel by RedTartArt is fun and easy to make too!

This Worm-Hotel by GreenKidsCraft is a great idea too!

Compost at home

Compost can replace the chemical fertilizers, which adversely impact the environment. Teach children about composting food waste and take a step ahead in being eco-friendly. Try this simple bin by PlanITDIY. Or you can turn any plastic bottle into your own DIY composter!

Recycling Games

Play games and teach the concepts and significance of recycling using this huge database of games at insteading. While most of these games are on screens – either a computer or mobile device – this list also includes a few “live action” games.  Some are certainly more educational than others, but they’ll all introduce aspects of the recycling process that we don’t pick up automatically when dropping a can or bottle into the bin.

This video introduces Waste Segregation to kids. Check out ReuseThisBag.Com for a complete guide to recycling for kids! Children will also love to play the Zero Waste Game.

Koikiwi has a wonderful lineup of ecological games for kids that you should check out too!


Planting just about anything — even a tiny windowsill plant or a mini terrarium — is an important lesson for kids on how plants grow and how to nurture them. It also teaches children the value of plants in our lives. These gardening activities do just that.  Don’t forget to take children regularly to visit the site where the plant was sown and watch the tree grow.

Make Seed Bombs 

Gardening Activites and Crafts by GrowingAJeweledRose

Upcycle waste to useful products

Collect and sort your household recyclables, but don’t send them straight to the recycling center, just yet. Make crafts with that “junk” and teach your kids that there are lots of different kinds of recycling. You’re limited only by your imagination here:  Make those Milk jugs into watering cans or planters; egg cartons into great bugs or make egg carton mobiles or turn those coffee cans into perfect flowerpots.

Here are some more ideas;

Newspaper Bag

Avoid using plastic bags with these simple ideas to make and use alternative, eco-friendly bags. Make this easy paper bag using this tutorial or make a simple no-sew fabric bag!

Make this easy bag with newspapers – KidEngage

No-sew Bag from T-Shirt

Recycling Crafts

Homemade Fruity Cleaners 

Put the food waste like fruit peels to good use. Make fruit enzymes and demonstrate to your child to reuse fruit peels and make organic cleaning agents. Make these cleaners at home with fruit peels as shown by OneGoodThingByJilee.

Make a Solar Oven with a Pizza Box

Teach children to use clean energy. They learn to harness the power of the sun with this simple and easy to make Oven from a Pizza box.

Make an air pollution sensor

Try this science experiment to make a sensor to detect particulate matter in our air

Do a Water Pollution Experiment

This simple activity helps kids understand that water pollution exists, even if not completely visible.


Make a Greenhouse

Start an organic garden with these great mini greenhouses.

Make Cloth Napkins

Avoid paper napkins and tissues. Make and use these no-sew cloth napkins.


Our children are the future of the world and they need to be well-equipped to safeguard the planet. By making them more ecologically-aware, we can give them the key to creating a more sustainable world.  With these ideas and some effort and action, we can ensure they will learn how to make the world a better place.


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