An insight into the most powerful Yoga technique for holistic eye care!


The eyes are the window to the world around us.

All day we use this sense of seeing to connect us to people, to effectively go through daily tasks and to constantly assess the environment. The health of our eyes extends to the health of our memory, perception, information processing and efficiency in pretty much most of the activities we engage in!

Acknowledging this holistic role that eyes play in our lives, we must care for them through insightful holistic practises. Yoga techniques include eye yoga asanas to strengthen eye muscles simply by taking time to mindfully rotate the eyes in all directions.

The most powerful technique yoga offers for holistic eye care is Trataka. It is a yogic Satkarma (cleansing process) which not only rejuvenates and enhances vision but also relaxes and cleanses our mental impressions burdened through constant visual engagement.

Trataka when practised regularly balances the nervous system, relieving nervous tension. It improves the memory and helps to develop good concentration and willpower. It is an excellent preparation for meditation.

How is it done?


eye yoga

  • Sit in a dark room without wind to flicker a candle flame
  • Place a candle flame at one arm distance from your face, at eye level.
  • Sit with head and spine erect and gaze steadily at the flame, attempting to keep eyes open throughout.
  • Intend to keep the muscles of the eyes relaxed without strain and allow the eyes to focus naturally at the flame.
  • Gaze steadily into the flame until your own body awareness dissolves.

Trataka for little ones

  • In a minute or two you can close the eyes and gaze at the after image of the flame.
  • When the image can no longer be retained, you may open your eyes and directly gaze at the flame once again.
  • This internal and external gazing can be repeated 3-4 times.
  • You can then remain with eyes closed for few minutes and finally rub your palms together and massage your eyes in the warmth.

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