Life Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes for every child (everyone, actually!)

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Calvin and Hobbes, a daily comic strip published between 1985-’95, was written and illustrated by Bill Watterson. This comic strip centered around young Calvin, a spiky-haired, sarcastic, overly imaginative, adventure-loving 6-year-old who gets himself and his best friend, a sardonic, philosophical stuffed tiger (which comes to life when no one else is around) in lots of trouble. Calvin was named after the 16th-century theologian John Calvin and his stuffed animal friend was named after the 17th-century political philosopher Thomas Hobbes.

Calvin’s innocent wit and Hobbes’ matter-of-fact reactions to Calvin’s absurd notions strike a unique balance and show that these comics have more than meets the eye. Calvin and Hobbes shows kids that they can exist in fully realized imaginative worlds of their own creation that have no limits in terms of adventures. The worlds created in Calvin and Hobbes encapsulates all the quirks, creativity, and wonder of childhood and evokes a blend of nostalgia and enthusiasm. Besides being purely fun to read, Calvin and Hobbes provide a juxtaposition between the “grown-up world” and Calvin’s perspectives that serves as a humbling reminder for what’s lost in the transition to adulthood, and what can be regained by embracing a similar mindset.

Calvin and Hobbes is great for children to read because it allows them to learn about life. Calvin’s rather advanced command of language will have children running to the dictionary every couple of comics and will surely help expand their vocabulary.  Check out this site dedicated to using Calvin and Hobbes as SAT practice!

Calvin and Hobbes can be enjoyed by everyone, but there are many cultural and political references that most children wouldn’t understand until they get older. Nevertheless, there’s so much that Calvin and Hobbes can teach children— valuable lessons that will stick them for the rest of their lives. Lessons about, love, loss, excitement, disappointment, and friendship. Lessons that will inspire them to keep exploring. Lessons that will stick with them even when they’re grown and have their own kids.

Here are some life lessons children can learn from reading Calvin and Hobbes:

It teaches about the value of environment and nature, the importance of getting out into the wilderness, and the magical nature of this world.

Life Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes - Environment

It teaches that life is an adventure and we should never stop exploring.

Life Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes - Go Exploring

It teaches us to cherish friendships and time outdoors and to clear your mind when life seems to come crashing down.

Life Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes - Good Things

Calvin and Hobbes teach us to not shy away from harsh realities of life, but instead embrace them. It teaches of disappointments, failure, and unfairness. And that disappointment is a part of life— and without it we wouldn’t appreciate the moments of happiness and joy. It teaches that the key to your happiness is with you and not with anyone else. One can be happy even without the companionship of others. Life Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes - UnfairIt also teaches to appreciate parents, no matter how annoying they seem to be. It shows that parents aren’t out to make their child’s life miserable and that they act out of love and they scold only to make sure children are on the right path.

Life Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes - Relationsh

It also shows the value of relationships and that when you get a chance to spend time with your family, never hesitate to do so. Quality time with those you love is always worth it, and should never be put off.

Life Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes - Relationssips

Calvin and Hobbes teaches children to stay curious and imaginative. It shows children that if they allow their imagination to take them places, nothing can ever stop them. It shows that every bath time is another impromptu story, every cardboard box a novel invention, and every sled ride has the potential for a philosophical mind trip.

So, go on and read some Calvin and Hobbes comic strips with your kids!

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