11 Books about Krishna for children this Janmashtami

11 Books about Krishna for Children

Lord Krishna is considered as one of the most playful and joyful characters in Indian Mythology. His mischevious nature, love for friends and stories of his childhood are known to all. Children and adults love and adore him. He is worshipped in many forms – an infant eating butter, young boy playing his flute, as the youth who loves Radha and as his larger-than-life avatar passing on his wisdom to Arjuna in the battlefield.
Here are 10 books that your children (and you) will love.

11 Books about Krishna

Balabhagavatam By Swami Chinamayananda and Bharati Sukhtankar

Books About Krishna - Bala Bhagavatam

For ages: 6+

The Bhagavata Purana is one of the “Maha” Puranic texts of Hindu literature, with its primary focus on bhakti (devotion) to the incarnations of Vishnu, particularly Krishna. The Bhagavata includes many stories well known in Hindu tradition, including the various avatars of Vishnu and the life of Krishna. It includes the most comprehensive collection of stories about the life of Krishna, showing him in all the stages and conditions of human life. The book has been specially adapted for young readers.

Stories of Krishna (Amar Chitra Katha)

ACK - Stories of Krishna

For Ages: 6+

Amar Chitra Katha has stories that are well written and illustrated. This Comic Book on LORD KRISHNA clearly illustrates the birth and childhood of Lord Krishna. It is written in a lucid language and the illustrations connect directly with the story and the characters

More stories about Krishna from Amar Chitra Katha

More Krishna Books from Amar Chitra Katha

Krishna Books by Chinmaya Mission by Swamini Supriyananda

Chinmaya Books About Krishna

For Ages: 2+

These books by Chinmaya Mission are filled with beautiful illustrations in soft pastel shades making it a gentle read. The stories are simple and well told. These books are printed on thick glossy paper and are ideal for little hands. The books in this series are:

Krishna an Invisible Friend

Krishna’s Butter Bash

Krishna Photocopies Himself

Krishna Loves You

Krishna Rocks

Amma Tell me about Krishna (Trilogy) by Bhakthi Mathur

Amma Tell Me About Krishna

For Ages: 6+

A set of the three books in the Amma Tell Me Krishna Trilogy. Amma Tell Me About Krishna! (Part 1) Amma Tell Me How Krishna Fought The Demons! (Part 2) Amma Tell Me How Krishna Defeated Kansa! (Part 3)

Amma Tell Me About Krishna!

The festival of Janmashtmi – Celebrates the birth of Krishna, An avatar of Lord Vishnu, Born to rid the world of evil Kansa. The story of his magical escape from prison, Across the flooded river Yamuna. Helped by a snake called Shesh Naag, His arrival at the home of Nand and Yashodha!

Amma Tell Me How Krishnna Fought the Demon!

When Kansa learnt of Krishna’s escape, His rage knew no bound.He summoned all his demons and ordered, – “I want that boy found!” -This is the story of how one by one, Krishna bravely fought them all -How Putana, Trinavarta, Vatasura and Bakasura all met their fall!

Amma Tell Me How Krishna Defeated Kansa!

Another story of Krishna’s adventures, Fighting Kaliya, a demon in snake form, And lifting a mountain on just one finger, As a shield from an angry god’s thunderstorm.And finally, the story of how evil KansaTried to kill Krishna, with methods so grim.But be they an elephant or ace wrestlers, No one succeeded in harming him!

An Identity Card for Krishna – Devdutt Patnaik

An Identity Card for Krishna

For Ages: 6+

Why are identity cards important, even for gods? How can you tell a Deva from a Manava? How would you find a particular god in a crowd of gods? One day, when Krishna wanted to board an aeroplane, he was not allowed to! All because he did not have an identity card. Then his friends Garuda and Sesha took him to meet Lata-kumari in Guwahati, who told him the story of Anasuya and the Ashwini twins, and why Rishi Chavan made a rule that all gods should carry a dhvaja a flag with each god’s very own symbol. Did Krishna get his identity card so he could ride the aeroplane finally?

Krishna (Mango Classics) 

Krishna - Mango

For Ages: 6+

Child, lover, rescuer, warrior, friend, guide – Krishna is the god who becomes what you want him to be. Lord Vishnu’s ninth avatar on earth is born with the mission to uphold dharma and defeat evil. A nightmare to his uncle even before birth and a lovable mischief-maker to his villagers, Krishna’s story provides the guidelines to living life as a mortal. The naughty butter-thief grows into the charming lover. The valiant vanquisher of evil flawlessly becomes the philosopher on the battlefield. In his time on earth, to fulfil his duty, Krishna defines his own morality and righteousness. This Mango Classic is the story of this practical, understanding and forgiving god whose life has been seamlessly weaved into the culture and customs of India.

Krishna – The Cowherd Prince by Soumya Ayer

Krishna The Cowherd Prince

For Ages: 5+

Krishna is one of India’s most adored Gods, at once mischievous and reflective. Krishna: The Cowherd Prince captures the playfulness of this deity, by narrating stories from his life – be it. His encounter with the demon Pootana, or His clash with Mother Yashoda, after stealing butter. Written in simple rhymes, and juxtaposed with vibrant traditional paintings, the book will acquaint children with the Blue Deity. The overall theme of the book revolves around Krishna’s conquests of demons and his pastimes as a young child, coupled with beautiful traditional paintings.

Birth of Krishna / Krishna’s Conquests – The Blue God (Karadi Tales) Adapted by Shobha Viswanath. llustrator: Chetan Sharma & Anagha Deshpande

Birth of Krishna and Krishna's Conquests - The Blue God

For ages 4-6

Krishna, the dark one, believed to be Vishnu’s eighth avatar, is ever-delightful in the tales of our mythology. The retelling of the blue god’s childhood are adapted from Indian mythology by Shobha Viswanath and charmingly illustrated by Chetan Sharma and Anagha Deshpande.
Birth of Krishna: A divine prophecy says that the eighth son born to Devaki will bring about the death of the evil king Kamsa and redeem the kingdom of Mathura. But Kamsa has imprisoned Devaki and sworn to kill every child born to her. Will the prophecy come true?
Krishna’s Conquests: Where there is Krishna, there is mirth, music and mischief and plenty of adventure too! Krishna shows that he is no ordinary child through his encounters with Kaliya the deadly serpent, Indra the rain-god and, eventually, the evil king Kamsa!

Also available as an Audio CD.

The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna by Demi

The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna

For ages: 4-8

The Fantastic Adventures of Krishna tells the enchanting tale of the child Krishna, who is sent by the God Vishnu to aid humanity. Hidden amongst the poor cowherds, Krishna uses his miraculous powers to fight an evil demon king who has overthrown the peaceful kingdom of Mathura. The story of Krishna, dating to the 8th century BCE, and forming an integral part of Hinduism, is beautifully brought to life by award-winning author and illustrator, Demi.

Krishna and the Mystery of the Stolen Calves (Mandala Classics)

Krishna and the mystery of the stolen calves
Ages 4-6

When powerful god Brahma tries to outsmart the village children of Vrindavan, he learns a lesson he won’t soon forget: there is magic in friendship. From the ancient texts of India called the Puranas comes this universal tale of childhood bonds. The Puranas contain hundreds of stories, many dedicated to Krishna, honored by Hindus worldwide as divinity in personal form. Whether one views Krishna as a transcendent figure or a magical cowherd boy, his stories captivate young readers. His love of nature and his dedication to family and friends have made him a hero for all ages.

Krishna – The Adorable God (Om Books)

Krishna The Adorable God - Om

Ages: 4-6

This book tells the story of Krishna in very simple language. The illustrations are bold and colourful. The book is also in large print for easy reading.

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