5 Best Indian Colouring/Art Books for Children

Indian Colouring and Art Books

Indian Colouring/Art books for Children

Did you know that colouring provides lifelong benefits to your children! This simple and fun activity can help greatly in the development of your children. It is also one of the most favourite pastime activities of the kids. It sparks their imagination and gives them an opportunity to express themselves. Colouring helps children with fine and gross motor strength, tool use, sensory processing, pencil grasp, line awareness, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, endurance, self-confidence, creativity, task completion, and learning objectives like colour identification, and colour matching!

There are loads of colouring books available for children. But, how would you like if colouring books also taught children about India and its culture? These books cleverly bring different components together – India’s culture, art and history and colouring and are perfect for inspiring some great story-telling and role play. These books will excite and motivate children.

8 Ways to Draw an Elephant by Paola Ferrarotti, Various Artists 

8 Ways to Draw

This unusual art activity book featuring the Indian elephant introduces children to a variety of Indian art traditions. By tracing, patterning and colouring the elephants, children learn to explore each of the 8 distinctive styles in the book – or just have fun. Children also get to experience and understand how art is as much about the imagination as it is about depiction. The book comes with clear and valuable information on Indian art traditions.

8 Ways to Draw a Deer

Also, check out 8 ways to Draw a Fish. Keep your eyes open for 8 ways to Draw a Deer, launching in September!

Folk Art with Real Artists 

Folk Art with Real Artists - Mama Suranya Books

Folk Art with Real Artists (Rajasthani Phad for Age 6 and below) is an innovative drawing and colouring book with drawings by a leading Rajasthani Phad artist, Shankarlal Bhopa. Your child will learn the basic style of Rajasthani Phad by tracing over and colouring the drawings. The drawings have been carefully selected keeping in mind the abilities of children of different age groups.  The book is a paperback in A-4 size, on good quality strong paper, and includes stickers with details from Shankarlalji’s original artwork.

Also, see Folk Art with real artists (Rajasthani Phad for age 7 and above)

The Ultimate Indian Colouring Book for Kids

The Ultimate Indian Coloring Book for Kids

Discover our colourful India with hours of colouring fun, amazing art techniques and cool trivia and general knowledge in this unique colouring book for children. Designed by an award-winning illustrator, this colouring book features 100 hand-drawn original artworks across 10 categories, graded from simple to challenging.
The 10 Categories include Animals and Birds, On the Go – Vehicles of India, Celebrations, ‘Fruits, Flowers and Trees’, ‘Music, Dance and Drama’, Food, Awesome structures of India, Rangoli and Kolam, India’s Natural Beauty, Painting Styles of India. In the inspiration section is a corresponding thumbnail (small picture) for all 100 pictures, fully coloured to give kids an idea of how beautiful each picture can look when filled with colours. Combining art tips, colouring, and GK, this book is sure to leave you smiling, inspired and sometimes awestruck.

Let’s Draw

Lets Draw

Before learning to read and read, children begin to make pictures. With the help of some incomplete shapes and samples, this book inspires to draw a picture, as well as gives the imagination of children a break in the free Gagan. A valuable gift for children of all ages.

Read and Colour – Coloring Storybooks

Read And Colour: River Stories

River Stories

An introduction to life around four of India’s important rivers, blending mythology, nature studies, history, geography, culture and the environment.

Read And Colour: Freedom Stories

 Freedom Stories

Four stories leading up to India’s independence re-create the thrill and excitement of a crucial period of the country’s history.

A Brush with Indian Art

Books About Indian Art - A Brush with Indian Art

This book is a brief history of Indian Art and contains some interesting facts about Indian art history from ancient cave art to modern and contemporary art.

Enjoy these fabulous colouring books! Do you know any more? Share in the comments.

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