5 Reasons To Teach Your Kids To Read With The SquareTales Reading App

Square Panda - Square Tales Reading App

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With the pandemic shutting down schools all over India, countless children are now homebound.

The recent pandemic has forced schools all over India, and the world, to shut down, making countless children homebound for the near future. This pause in learning, say early education experts, could lead to a wide-scale learning loss that has repercussions well into the child’s future.

At a time like this, ed-tech company Square Panda has released its early reading app, called SquareTales, which turns pre-readers into independent and confident readers. Here are 5 reasons your child should also be reading with this innovative app:

 #1: Perfect For Very Young Learners:

Older children can access their studies using digital means, younger children have no educational recourse at the moment. Some states in India have even completely banned digital learning, for young children, leaving parents at a loss as to how and what they should do to ensure uninterrupted learning. Square Panda’s SquareTales Reading App is targeted at exactly this audience and is created especially for very young learners (aged 2-5) who are just starting to learn to read. Children are introduced to reading via fun stories and engaging characters, using just a few letters and small sentences, to begin with.

*Square Panda follows the AAP’s guidelines about the right time to introduce screens to kids after they are 2-years-old.

SquareTales Reading App

 #2: The Ultimate Aim Is To Help Children Fall In Love With Books:

They’re using animation, gamification, and AI technology to ensure a very engaged reading process via the app. From there, once the child has learnt to read a few SquareTales digital books, they are gradually groomed to read a physical PDF book (available on the SquareTales website). The end goal is to make children be able to pick up a physical book and read it with ease, by themselves.

#3: Early Education Experts Throw Their Weight Behind Squaretales:

“With SquareTales, the child learns not only ABCD, but learns how to pronounce them, how to read them, in sets of eight letters, with stories. If you are able to put that fun element into learning, children will guide themselves. Square Panda has done exactly that!” says Dr. Jawahar Surisetti (Advisory Board Member-Square Panda India, Advisor to Government, TED Speaker, Psychologist, Bestselling Author).

Even Ms. Asma Zaidi (Vice Principal- Focus High School) loves SquareTales and Square Panda, as you can see in this video.

#4: Step-By-Step Learning Process:

To help very young children retain their letter and word knowledge, SquareTales introduces books in sets of 5, with each book slowly increasing in complexity, allowing early learners to develop reading skills with ease. SquareTales includes a scaffolded learning experience – for example, the letter sets get more difficult; the last book of each set is more difficult than the first four, the sentences get longer as you read a book, etc.

 #5: They Give You More Than Books:

Each set of books comes with a whole reading kit that also includes learning activities (these are included in-app and are also free to download from the SquareTales website), rhymes, and songs (both available for free on the website).

Activity Sheets and SquareTales Reading App being played
Activity Sheets and SquareTales Reading App being played

So go on, try the SquareTales Reading App Today! Available on both the App Store and Play Store.

The SquareTales Reading App is now available at a discount through KidEngage. To activate your 1-year of theSquareTales subscription at a discounted rate, click here:

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This blog post was sponsored by SquareTales.

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