It’s All Write!! 8 Reasons to participate in Writing Competitions

Reasons to participate in Writing Competitions

Kids (and adults) need a platform to show off their creativity – to learn and to explore. There are many platforms to show off your singing and dancing talent on stage. But what about talents in writing stories or poetry? How do young writers get an audience?

Well, the answer is simple. Writing Competitions! Competitions play a role in motivating students to perform and excel and offer a lot more reward than just the winning prize. Competitions help participants to gain experience, showcase their skills and discover their aptitude. What’s more? They also encourage participants to adopt innovative techniques to develop their ideas and skills.

Entering a writing competition is a great way for children to improve their writing skills. The excitement of winning a prize can really make children feel better about these skills.

Do you encourage your child to participate in a writing contest? Here’s why you should:

8 Reasons to participate in Writing Competitions

Encourages Creativity and provides Motivation: 

Writing competitions provide an inspiring goal of writing for a bigger audience and for a prize/recognition. This encourages children to do their best! Plus, the writing activity often sparks new, fresh ideas and provides an outlet to try a new writing style or technique!

Practice and Persistence: 

We all know that writing requires effort and practice. A writing contest provides a stage to practice just that. Participants can write and edit and rewrite, thus practicing their skills. And when they don’t succeed, they can try again!

Write with Limits and Boundaries: 

Writing competitions have deadlines and have limits on word counts, subject matter, themes or writing prompts. Such structure provides children parameters within which to practice writing.

Builds Confidence: 

Writing contests give participants encouragement in the form of recognition and a sense of accomplishment. It also gives them the opportunity to learn to build the courage to accept criticism.

Improves Communication:

The writing guidelines provided by Writing Competitions kindle children to think deeply about a theme and compose a story for the audience. This communication is an invaluable life skill.

Learning from feedback:

Many competitions give you the option to receive feedback from the judges. Children will learn to accept constructive criticism and learn from it. They can be encouraged by positive feedback and make concrete steps to improve in the relevant areas.  They can then learn to set new goals and put into practice they’ve learnt.

Learn Life Skills:

Winning or losing in competitions offers an opportunity to discuss with your children about important life skills like healthy competition, sportsmanship, and how to handle potential failure.

Expands their Perspective:

Writing offers children a stage to stretch their imaginations and emotions and lets them think deeply about their thoughts and feelings about a subject that they may not have reflected on before. It gives them a chance to think about how their writing will be perceived by the audience and encourages them to write to inspire the audience.

It’s All Write!!

By participating in writing competitions, children can challenge themselves to achieve more. So go ahead and enter in the Annual KidEngage Writing Competition 2020 NOW!


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