Why Telehealth is Important for Children and Teens in School

Telemedicine for students in school
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The younger generations are more in sync with technology than their parents. As technology continues to advance, telehealth can become an important part of the healthcare of toddlers, preschoolers, older children, and even teens. There are different practices that can be used for telehealth to be applied within our homes, as well as the school and classroom boundaries.

Thanks to these, there are also many reasons why telehealth can be so important. If you are interested in the applications of telehealth as a parent or an academic, here are some ways through which telehealth can be used.

  1. Getting quicker access to healthcare

During difficult times or emergency situations, going to the doctor’s office might not be the best option. Online consultations are a great way to get a professional opinion without having to leave the comfort of your home. It is also especially helpful for schools, where it is not always possible to have a doctor or nurse on site.

This form of telehealth is necessary in many situations and can help provide the necessary medical attention immediately. It is especially helpful for less critical cases where a younger child or teenager needs some medical assistance. Both schools and parents can really benefit from this practice as it is quick and effective, providing them with a quick and reliable solution.

  1. Acknowledging symptoms faster

When it comes to certain illnesses and diseases, doctors might need to intervene quickly, as soon as symptoms appear. Toddlers and preschoolers tend to develop symptoms a lot quicker and require more immediate care. A good example of this situation is the recent pandemic due to the Coronavirus, which required people to be able to immediately spot the symptoms.

Telehealth could have proven useful in this situation as it could help inform parents and educators about the symptoms. Knowing when it is important to seek medical help can be crucial in certain situations. Acknowledging a child’s symptoms faster could help protect it and its environment from the adverse effects of a disease. This will significantly reduce the number of people that will get sick and protect others from exposure.

  1. Keeping a complete medical record

Keeping a medical record of their young children and teenagers can be pretty difficult for many parents. Younger children tend to get sick very often, and keeping up with every doctor’s visit can be challenging. Telehealth can provide a great solution to this problem by simplifying this process for the parents.

Instead of the parent having to keep track of every visit and medication, the doctors are able to write everything on the patient’s online record. Not only is this much faster, but it is also very practical when the child needs an emergency admission to the hospital. A complete medical record will also be helpful for school-related activities, making it easier for the school to know the health status of every child.

  1. Helping toddlers overcome their fears

In most cases, toddlers and preschoolers are scared of going to the doctor’s. Different people, all-white outfits, tools, and hospital smells can make the experience intimidating. Such young children cannot understand why they need to get a vaccination in a way that is appropriate for their age.

Telehealth can provide the parents of younger children set clear boundaries and provide support before a doctor’s visit. The more a small child understands what they will need to do in a fun way, the less scared they will be. In the long run, this will make going to get checkups and vaccines a lot smoother. Along with that, it will also teach the child a lot about taking care of their health regularly.

  1. Education children on health issues

Another important reason why telehealth is crucial for children is because of the educational possibilities it can provide educators with. By holding online conferences or virtual visits with doctors, dietitians, and other healthcare providers, students can learn a lot about healthcare. This is a great chance to expand the borders of the classroom and show students new ways to learn and interact with certain professional fields.

This is the first and foremost important in regards to learning more about handling emergency situations and understanding medicine and its practices. It is also a great way for children and teens to come in contact with healthcare professions and develop an interest in this field. In any case, telehealth can play a very important influence on the education of younger students on various health-related topics.

  1. Providing healthcare for children of all ages

Last but not least, another very crucial reason why telehealth is important for children of all ages is because it can provide them with healthcare. In many countries around the world, nurses and doctors are not present in a school environment. In addition to this, many students are poor and not able to have access to healthcare services for all of their problems.

Telehealth can help schools provide their students with access to medical services without them having to leave the school environment. This can take a lot of weight off the parents’ shoulders and help students get medical attention to certain problems. This is a very important issue that can easily be tackled with such a strategy.

Creating new applications through telehealth

Telehealth is a relatively new sector, and it still has a long way to go and can gain a lot of ground over the next few years. Being able to provide opportunities for healthcare that is quick and effective is always helpful within the school boundaries. This can be especially important for students who come from poor or underprivileged families.

As technology will continue to progress, there will be more scenarios where telehealth will prove useful and will be able to truly shape a new reality and help schools create a safer environment for their students.

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