Cosplay – 5 Popular Characters Your Kids Must Try this Halloween

POpular Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids
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Halloween is that spooktacular time of the year that has every kid excited and every parent brooding over what character to play this time. We help you in your hunt.   

Scary gleaming jack-o lanterns, witches and goblins shaking a leg together, echoes of monstrous howls and a spooky set-up greeting one and all, there’s something about Halloween that brings the ‘kid’ out in everyone. From designing costumes custom-made to beat the crowd and adorning the most villainous looks to lapping up caramel apples and piles of candy, Halloween gives the much-needed adrenaline rush to both kids and adults.

If you have real mischief minds at home, choosing a character that best suits your child can be a task. We list down the most popular devilish characters the industry has given us in recent years. Make a pick and let them haunt your neighbour’s Halloween party.

1. Annabelle

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

The protagonist and one of the scariest characters in ‘The Conjuring’ series, Annabelle is sure to give nervous pangs to your little girl’s fashionista tribe. The character is spooky and pretty easy to emulate. Pull out a white frock from your girl’s wardrobe and compliment it with red ribbons and a weird wig neatly plated to give that scary bent. Dab some makeup and complete the look with cherry red lips and dark eyes. Your little Annabelle is ready to scare people like never before.

2. IT

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Clowns are a kid’s favourite but this one is sure to make them fear it. This eerie character, popular as Pennywise, has given nightmares to many. If this ‘IT’ character intrigues you enough, get a white dress mostly worn by clowns and a wig to support the creepy hair-do. Complete the look with heavily kohled eyes and deep red lipstick that stretches itself right up to the eyebrows. Place some red balloons in her hand and let her walk the ramp, giving others some serious competition.

3. Zombie

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Speaking of ghosts, how can we forget these slow-moving yet gross-looking creatures? Imitating the Zombie look is easy and fun. Pull out a few torn clothes, the older and dirtier… the better, and make red patches on it with paint. You can use tomato ketchup as well lest your kid licks up the whole thing. Grab the whitest shade of foundation and cover the under eye with dark brown shades of eyeshadow to flaunt that perfect look. Pat a bit of red paint or ketchup near the lips and on the hands to exude the blood-thirsty character.

4. Joker

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Evil, ruthless and oozing with intelligence, this character from the Batman series is unique and fascinating. The mastermind he is well compliments his terrifying looks and is sure to give a chill down the spine of many. Purple suit and a black tie perfectly complimented with green-dyed hair and dark kohled eyes that cover the entire area, Joker is sure to give your boy that shrewd merciless look. Don’t forget the red lips stretched right up to the chin. Do draw black lines crossing the red line on the chin to bring that grinning look.

5. Mummy

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids - The Mummy

Classic and by far the easiest to replicate, mummies are as scary as they are cute. Raid the first aid kit in your home for a long thread of bandages and roll it around your child’s body. Alternatively, you could use a long strip of white cloth to cover the body. Some light makeup on the face to complete the cold look. Let him walk into the dimly lighted room and be found by intrepid explorers.

Whoa…that’s heavy! Get going on collecting the above costumes for your child’s trip to the ghastly world of ghosts. Dress them up the spookiest way and see them enjoy Halloween and be all hocus pocus!!

Remember, it’s as much fun to scare as to be scared.


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