Epic Play – Epically Ramayana – The Great Indian Epic Memory Game

For ages: 6 years+
Number of Players: One or more players
Game Type: Card Game
Bonus: Open-ended cards allow for variations, Gift Idea, Travel Games
Skills: Memory, Focus, more depending on how creatively you use the cards.
Summary: A Ramayana-themed game that brings mythology closer to our children.

Discover the Ramayana while playing a game of cards

Indian mythology is replete with a wide array of tales that are stimulating, entertaining as well as enlightening. It teaches children about our culture, values, and beliefs. All in all, it offers an excellent way to teach moral values to children while holding their interest. We all teach mythology to children through various means – books, stories, plays, and maybe even movies. But did you know about another exciting way to learn about these myths? Games! Yes! You heard me right. An Affordable, card game – to be precise.

Sometime before Diwali, I was researching for some festival themed DIY when I stumbled into this delightful game – Epically Ramayana, The Great Indian Epic Memory Game.

Epically Ramayana - Memory Matching Game - A Review
Pictures of cards from the Epically Ramayana – Memory Matching Game

Epically Ramayana, The Great Indian Epic Memory Game

Epically Ramayana is a simple memory game themed around the Ramayana. This is an exciting and innovative game that introduces children to India’s rich heritage. It has a set of 64 cards – 32 character cards and 32 story cards. Like a typical memory game, the players need to match the stories to the art or character cards and find the pairs. Because it is easy to play, it offers a wonderful way to learn the story while being engaged. And not just that, a multi-player game, it can be played over and over again by anyone over 6.

And did I tell you that the illustrations and the story for this game come from India’s favourite mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik? The story or description on the cards are lucid and the illustrations with clear, bold lines are classy.

The game comes in a sleek, attractively designed box. The cards are made from good quality paper and are thick enough to withstand years of use. The game is compact and portable, making it a terrific game to play when travelling. Priced at INR395, it will make a splendid gift too.

Simple. Yes, but a fabulously innovative concept that is effective in making mythology fun and interesting to children – and adults too! A game that entices kids to explore cultural concepts in a fun way, this is a must in the family game kitty.

Epically Ramayana - Memory Matching Game - A Review
Pictures of cards from the Epically Ramayana – Memory Matching Game

Open-ended play – Use the cards to make up your games!

When we had played the memory game a number of times, we explored other ways to use these cards to play.

  • Quiz: A quiz master asks the questions using the story cards and the other players answer the questions. Make up your quiz and point rules and play on!
  • Line up story cards: Line up the story cards in the order in which the events happened and then narrate the story.
  • Identify the character: Stack only the character cards. Each player takes turns to draw one card, identify the character, and talk about them. Get children thinking, by asking to do a character sketch.
Epically Ramayana - Memory Matching Game - A Review
Pictures of cards from the Epically Ramayana – Memory Matching Game
  • Dumb Charades: Extend the above variation to play Dumb Charades, where one player picks one card, enacts the character and the others guess it.
  • Find your friends (or family): This variation is great to play in large groups. In this game, each player is given a card and everyone has to find and go to their family/friends without shouting out their names or the names of the people they are looking for in a limited period of time, say 2 minutes. In the end, they have to talk about how they are related to the person they found. You can pick cards based on the number of players.
  • Drawing practice: Not a game, but time pass and an awesome way to exercise those drawing skills! The kids draw the characters out from the art cards.
Epically Ramayana - Memory Matching Game - A Review
Picture of card from the Epically Ramayana – Memory Matching Game

What more we’d love to have:

More games exploring other epics, stories, and characters from mythology. Extend the game to include, not only the characters but also stories/scenes. And all this from not just the Ramayana, but also, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Upanishads, and more!

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