DIY Recycled Crafts – Christmas Decorations


Little ones are most delighted by the joyful celebrations with friends and family in the festival season. Let’s spread the cheer with these beautiful DIY crafts that are easy to do and make the most memorable gifts for your loved ones.

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Summer Crafts: Easy Bullseye Tie and Dye Technique

Tie-dyeing is a fun and creative way to add personality to clothing and fabrics. Using rubber bands or string, the material of the item to be dyed is bunched together to make different patterns, shapes and colors. There are a variety of simple patterns you can try, from spirals to mirror patterns. Here’s how you and the kids can easily make one at home.

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Craftster of the Month – My family and Me!

Summer holidays is not just about your child’s time out from the daily routine of school. This is also the special time when families get together. Kids get to spend more time with their grand parents, aunts, uncles and ofcourse their cousins.  Long hot days and warm nights also mean that kids will spend a lot of time indoors. And usually this translates into playing indoor games and creating crafts together. So, keeping this in…

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Craftster of the Month – contest for Mommies!

A mother is a child’s first teacher! She introduces her baby to the world of colours, sounds, letters and songs! Who better than a mother to teach the children creatively and in a fun way. Also, so many of us mothers have been good at some kind of creative activities in school or college. But, once we entered our adult lives full of responsibilities, somehow those things were kept at the back burner. The team at Kid…

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Twist Karo! 5 Awesome Dance Schools in Delhi-NCR

Dance Classes for Children in Delhi-NCR

Dancing offers many benefits to children. It keeps them physically active and gives your child immense flexibility, stamina, and more importantly, keeps them away from the T.V screens, laptops, etc. They also tend to gain sociable skills and eventually, a deep sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.  Our city is bustling with many studios and qualified private tutors who teach not just adults, but also toddlers and preschoolers. 5 Awesome Dance Schools in Delhi-NCR National Ballet…

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10 Books to kindle the Indian in you – Read them Now!

We Love India

India is a rich nation because of its diversity, history, culture, cuisine, people, religion, architecture, languages and so much more. Her history ranges from the famous Indus Valley Civilization; to the ruling of the British Regime and finally to her fighting a long battle and winning her freedom. Here are some hand picked books to kindle the patriot in you!

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12 Winter Camps in Bangalore that You Must Not Miss!

Winter Camps for Kids in Bangalore

Holidays are here and we know just exactly what you need. This winter vacation is just going to get awesome-er with these fun Winter Camps in Bangalore. Get ready to kick off the New Year with some fun memories and experiences. What’s a better time than this to take the children out and indulge in something unusual? We give you a list of 12 camps in Bangalore that offer an interesting way of spending your holidays this…

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Jingle all the way – Meaningful ways to celebrate Christmas

Celebrating Christmas as a family

Christmas is a few days away! And with Christmas comes the holidays! Holidays are a great occasion to spend time with the family and do something meaningful that builds memories and over time, family traditions. Here are some fun ideas for family fun during Christmas and the holidays: Fun ideas for family fun during Christmas Play Games together Pick a game and spend some time every day playing together with the family! You can try Uno,…

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Amateur to Artist – 10 Best Art Classes in Delhi NCR

Art classes in Delhi

There are only a few activities that come as naturally to kids as drawing or expressing themselves in various shapes or colors, from the time they develop their finger muscles enough to hold something. And it is not without its benefits. Research says that apart from developing a child’s fine motor skills, drawing or art also helps improve concentration and teaches creative problem solving. And the best part is that it’s fun – the process and the result. 

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Paint your dreams – Art Classes for children in Chennai

Art and Craft Classes in Chennai

Children are always fascinated and attracted towards colours. Even small babies are happy to see colourful toys. As they grow they get interested in drawing and painting and some of them even start drawing on their own. Drawing allows children, teens and adults alike to find a creative way to express themselves. It is a tool to develop and express ideas and a source of joy, confidence, and self-esteem. It is also an opportunity to…

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