Temper Tantrums- Every parent’s worst nightmare! Expert advice on how to handle them.

Dealing with childrens temper tantrums

To help you get through those trying times we asked Dr Amulya Mysore to help parents understand and handle those tantrums more effectively. She is the Paediatrician and Specialist in Child Development at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Secunderabad. Loves crafting with her daughter, and believes strongly in the holistic development of children.

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Kids! Lets Pause for perspective.Expert advice on mindfulness for kids by Mindfulness Teacher Aarathi Selvan

Mindfulness is the ability to bring ourselves back to the present moment with curiosity, love and openness. Children are naturally mindful. They have the uncanny knack to stay in the present moment. In essence, if you want to start teaching your child to be mindful you have to keep the idea of mindfulness and play with it, have fun with the concept of being present and also have a sense of humor about yourself and how serious you make life out to be.Giving you helpful tips to do so is Aarathi Selvan.

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How Many Types of Moms do you Know?

types of moms

Every time you stand in a cluster of moms, you will observe different personalities. You’ll see some who will use their smartphones to keep track of everything right from the test at school to playdates with other kids to fun stuff they are doing on the weekend. You might spot one who’s always worried if she is doing the right thing. One would want to spend the entire time chatting up with their kids’ friends’ mothers, and one would be too busy to even stop and say hello. We all have unique ways of going through the journey of motherhood, and most of the time, we don’t realise how exactly do we do it —read this article to identify what kind of moms do you see around you.

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10 Amazing Travel Hacks For Travelling With Kids

Holiday time, is usually ‘travel time’ for families.Travelling with kids, no matter what age they are, is a Herculean task for every parent. A lot of planning and preparation goes into it and travelling with the little ones is not something that you can do as easily as taking a stroll in the park. To save you from all the trouble, the mess and the last minute unpleasant situations while you are travelling with your kids, here are 10 amazing travel hacks for you to follow easily and make travelling with the little ones an enjoyable experience.

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15 Parenting Books for Every Parent

Parenting - Parenting Books

Parenting books can entertain, inform and enlighten without being prescriptive and preachy, as well as make parents feel calmer! Though some parenting books do present content with “steps” or a “plan”, there are a few parenting books that are both reassuring and challenging! They remind us that to be a parent who is present, and forgiving, and kind, you must first be all of these things to yourself!

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Here are 8 New Year Resolutions For Our Family! What About Yours?

Family New Year Resolutions

Another year has flown by, and here we are, looking back at what we did or did not do in the past year! While putting my 7 year old to bed, I thought this would be a good time to get him to understand reflecting and planning for the year ahead. And we’ve come up with this list. Will you share your list with us?

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KidEngage Reads: Vibhuti Cat by Shikhandin

Vibhuti Cat is the story of Magesh and his Vibhuti Cat. Magesh is different from other children and does not speak much. His interaction with his understanding older brother Vignesh and his love for Vibhuti Cat define Magesh. Magesh’s Vibhuti Cat emerges out of the boy’s own interactions with the world and the people around him. Read up the review of this book in the ‘Children First’ series by Duckbill.

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Does Yelling Make You a Bad Parent?


But does yelling really make you a bad parent? There are times when you end up doing it unconsciously, and there are times when you realise you could have done without it. But is it fair to weigh yourself down with the guilt of damaging their psyche on a permanent basis? After all, there are enough and more articles and opinions that talk about how detrimental it is to yell at our kids, and that there is no bigger villain than a parent who shouts! While I am in no way encouraging or justifying yelling, I
want us to take a more realistic look at it, and the implications of yelling for the parent and for the child. And here are my few bits.

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Discipline in Childhood – 5 Golden Rules for Setting Limits

discipline parenting

Discipline is Education. Helping your child learn appropriate behaviors is one of the toughest parts of being a parent. Children need a little helping hand in knowing what is safe and appropriate to do. They need years of practice and guidance. As a parent you play the most crucial and important role in shaping them into a person for their future. Knowing your child’s temperament can help you, but remember your behavior style reflects on theirs…

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