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Have an interesting anecdote about family life/ children to share? Crazy about books, music, craft, cooking, education, and want to make sure that the children get the best of it?

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Who can contribute?

Anybody who has an opinion, knows something that is useful to the fellow parents, wants it to be shared, and can express it well is welcome to join us in our blogging journey.

What can you write on?

Almost everything under the sun in the parenting world is a potential topic that you can choose to write on. Some of the most popular topics are parenting, health, nutrition, education, reviews of places/ events that you can go to with your kids, books, crafting and cookery.

How do you contribute?
Register yourself here

You will receive a confirmation email. Login, and update your details so that we get to know more about you. Once you register, you can start writing your blogs. When you are happy with what you have written, you should set the status of your post to ‘Pending for Review’, and we take it from there. Once the blog is published, you will get a notification.

  1. After you sign up, add your profile picture and a brief description about yourself so that your readers can identify with you (their favourite blogger).
  2. If you have a blog/website of your own, place the link below your description.
  3. Set up a password that you can easily memorise. You will need your login id and password each time you log in to post a new blog.
  4. In case, you are still not able to log in then click on “Forgot Password”. You will be sent a link to reset your password in your email. Click on the link given there and reset your password. You can now log in and post your blog.
  5. You are given an option to “Add Media” where you can add images saved on your system to your blog post. In case you are still unable to upload the images, mail them to
  6. Add the relevant category and tags to your post and select a featured image.


Everything that you post on KidEngage is your copyright, unless specified otherwise. KidEngage, however, reserves the right to make changes to your posts such as language edits, minor changes to the opening sentences, eliminating redundancies, inserting hyperlinks etc, to make sure that your post reads better and reaches to a wider audience. If any substantial changes are needed that change the way your opinion is presented, it will be discussed with you before it is published.


Once a post that you write for us is published on our blog, KidEngage will share it on all social media channels- KidEngage FB page, FB mommy and parenting groups, WhatsApp groups and tag you. We also share the more popular blog posts in our weekly newsletter which is mailed to thousands of parents subscribed to KidEngage. Please make sure that you share it further and you tag us in return.

Terms & Conditions

  1. We have immense respect for writers’ copyright, and are very particular about original content. If you submit any plagiarized work on the site, you stand to lose all rights to post on the site.
  2. We accept only original and previously unpublished content for publishing on the KidEngage blog. We are happy to give one backlink to your personal blog in your profile information.
  3. If you are looking for backlinks for commercial purposes, please mention about the product/ website clearly in an email before you submit your blog for review. Failure to do so will result in the links being removed/ replaced.

Happy Writing!


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