The Teen Tribe - Online Teenage Transformational Program

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  • 13 - 18 Years
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“Educating the mind without educating the heart is NO education at all”
SPEEDClub is India’s first emotional GYM, run by Linchpin Life Academy LLP. SPEEDclub is started with a premise that personal excellence starts with emotional development where attitude is practiced, behaviour is cultivated, character is built. 
"Our mission is to be the preferred adolescent life coach to help navigate their unpredictable teen age so that they can thrive in their adulting”
Our program THE TEEN TRIBE is designed to set our learners into a journey of self-discovery, gain a clarity on individual nature, strengths, weakness, aspirations and priorities. This is followed by training them on essential skills while coach and mentor on individual development needs. The aim is to take a holistic approach to self development to create a long lasting impact. 
At SPEEDClub no one role can fit all, neither do we like to box our work or ourselves into silos. We have to wear multiple hats to be able to bring about a transformation in our members. Therefore our coaches can be Trainer, Mentor, Teacher, Guide, Counsellor, Coach, Friend and perhaps even an outsourced parent all rolled up together as life coach.
Since there are several aspects in a life of a teenager and they are highly interrelated even as a coach we play the roles of Emotional Coach, Adolescent coach, Academic coach, Behaviour Coach, Relationship Coach, Performance Coach which can be simply put as Life Coach.


1 October 2020 to 31 January 2021

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


This is an 4 month Online Weekend Program

Teen should have access to Zoom & WhatsApp

Onboarding for THE TEEN TRIBE - Olympus : Oct 2020

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