Baby Workshop With Siddhi Madgaonkar

Creating beautiful and timeless images through Baby photography can be a beautiful bonding experience for the new parents and their photographer.
This 2-day baby workshop by Siddhi Madgaonkar (Your Piece of Life photography) and Gautami Reddy, is designed to provide aspiring baby photographers with the right tools and creative insights for capturing the magic of shooting, use appropriate props and posing babies (3 months up to 1 year), using natural light; Indoor as well as Outdoor.
In this workshop, Siddhi will share her technique, workflow and best practices that have resulted in her own successful Baby, Family and Maternity photography business.
She will also share tips for styling set-ups as well as capturing the free spirited moments kids are best at, along with different ways to help parents get comfortable in front of the camera with the little one; creating beautiful images where the baby is the main focus of every photograph. There will also be a mentoring session by Gautami Reddy to wind up Day 2 of the workshop.
What to expect in this two day intensive workshop
·  POSING - Posing the baby in creative set ups and how to create natural-looking storytelling images of babies. Posing the parents and the baby.
·  PROPS & STYLING - How to choose, find and create props for the shoot. To bring the vision you had in mind to a real set up. We will also discuss how to use wardrobe to create harmonious compositions that aid in the narrative of your images.
·  LIGHTING - Making the best use of Natural light available indoors as well as outdoor, using it to the best advantage in your pictures.
·  COMPOSITION - We will cover how a simple understanding of composition techniques can make the most of ordinary locations.
·  SHOOTING - A hands-on shooting experience alongside us, as we suggest the best angles, techniques and settings to get the best shot.
·  SHOOTING GEAR - A discussion on the equipment we use to shoot. How different lenses can make a different picture and what is a preferred choice.
·  POST PRODUCTION - how to breathe life into your images by taking them to the next level through hand-editing.
·  CRITIQUING - Since constructive criticism is a vital component to progress, we will do a portfolio review of your top five images; discussing areas of strength in your images and aspects of your images that have room for improvement.
·  PRICING & MARKETING- Discuss the fundamentals on deciding your pricing and having the right business policies in place along with key marketing strategies to create the business you deserve and dream of.
·  GROW OUR TRIBE-  We share ideas, bond, learn, laugh and enjoy.
Our goal in conducting this workshop is that you leave with the knowledge you require to bring to life the images that YOU dream of creating and establishing a successful career out of your passion.


14 October 2017 to 15 October 2017

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM


INR 16,500
A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to book your seat for the workshop. The balance is to be paid one week before the workshop.
This class is non-refundable.  If you are no longer able to attend the class for whatever reason and you have paid the full class amount: you can sell your spot. Please let us know as soon as possible prior to the class date so details can be transferred.
The participants of this workshop are required to have working knowledge of a DSLR and an inclination towards baby photography. Since we are dealing with baby bosses, a good amount of patience too. :)
You will be required to get your own DSLR for shooting and a laptop for the post processing techniques. Your Laptop should have Lightroom (ver 4.5 or above) and Photoshop (ver CS4 or above) installed. Trial version of the softwares is fine too.
Not included in the workshop fees:
Workshop does not include Newborn photography and technical know-how of DSLRs. Also it does not include overnight accommodation or travel to and fro the venue. 

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