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 Play2Grow, an Indoor Children's Play area where a child can unwind themselves and explore beyond Imagination. Launched last week with a dedicated 17000 sqft Play area in the Heart of the City, Abids.

This place is conceptually designed and skill fully colourful as you step in with energy, entertainment and fun loaded experience.At Play2grow we trust in building an inviting, sheltered, inventive, self driven learning condition that enables children to play and learn and urge adults in figuring out how to play.

Play is basic requirement to the healthy development of children and young people – not only their physical improvement, but rather their social and intellectual advancement  and this has been an imperative requirement for the kids today, accordingly we at Play2Grow carved out a space for play where a kid can loosen up themselves and investigate beyond imagination.


Toddler Tales :

The structure of the play area starts with Toddlers section which  made parents  to step in the fun at every node and even more special to see their children smiling their hearts out.

Child Connecting with Circuits of Play :

As the child grows, the gross motor skills they attain has been the major structure among the circuits ranging from crawl, Climb, Walk, Run & Jump Circuit. These circuits focus on the physical activities which involves the child to experience as he comes across through each of these circuits in a sequential order.

Observational learning at Science Circuit :
The Science circuit expands creative thinking and enables children to understand natural systems. The Key component of this circuit is water games that help the children to discover the power of water and the energy it can create.

Mastering the art of Pottery with Tiny Fingers :

The play activities included- Clay moulding and pot making. This phenomenal activity looks an age -old concept of playing but these are the things that give an opportunity to a child to make objects with their tiny little fingers with colours they admire the most. The kids came of with new sculpted patterns on pots and were following their mastery captain who was assisting in making Treasured Objects from the clay.


Virtual Reality Circuit :

In the World of Imagination, this circuit takes you on a ride to an amazing virtual reality experience for both adults and kids.

Main Attractions in this circuit include 7D Theatre, VR Pod, VR Horse & VR Battle.

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