KidEngage Writing Competition 2020

Announcing Winners of the 2020 KidEngage Writing Competition!

2020 is probably slated to go down as one of the most difficult years that we will see in our lifetime. However, as the wise people say – every cloud has a silver lining! While the pandemic made us all sit at home, and put lives as we knew them on hold, we all discovered new passions, and reflected on how we are living our lives. While we have seen and imbibed changes, we were quite impressed by how the children bounced off their resilience and positivity through their creative entries in this year’s competition!

We have received 1500+ entries from all over the country, and some from abroad - we are quite excited, and our jury is rubbing their hands in glee with just the previews of some random entries! They look quite promising and we can't wait to read them all!

We do apologise for keeping you waiting for the results, we did have a very tough time reviewing the entries and finalizing the winners this year as well, apart from some unforeseen challenges that we faced during the journey.

We are grateful to all of you for ensuring the success of the KidEngage Writing Competition 2020, by participating so enthusiastically and giving us a peek into such a beautiful world of poems and stories. Thank you all for joining the contest and patiently waiting for the announcement.

The judges thoroughly enjoyed reading all your stories, and with such an amazing selection, you made their job of choosing just a handful of winners very difficult.

You should be proud. We’re very proud of you.

Before we announce the winners, we want to say an enormous THANK YOU to the terrific judges who have worked tirelessly over the past two months to review and provide feedback on all the 2000+ entries.

Ready to hear the winners?
Here we go.


The category that attracts the most number of entries remained on top this year too! And were we bowled over the imagination of such little boys and girls! They might be young, but their imagination knows no bounds.

Prize Title Name Age School City
1st Prize A Real Race Zoha Haseeb 9 years Sedjwick Elementary school Cupertino, USA
2nd Prize The Boat Race R. Nappinnai 9 years National Public School Gopalapuram, Chennai
2nd Prize The Wrong Way Tamaara Nambiar 9 years Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad
3rd Prize The Littered Lake Tanay Madisetty 8 years Sri Chaitanya Techno School Chennai
3rd Prize Super Agents of Change Svasti Lamba 7 years Queen Mary’s School, Northend, New Delhi
3rd Prize The Story of Kids, Angels and Parents Aaradhya Chokhany 7 years The Future Kid’s School, Hyderabad
Special Mentions
  1. The Racism Race - Surabhi Ravishankar (9 years), Sri Kumaran’s Children’s Home, - Bengaluru
  2. The Sailing Competition - Dhrithi Chembarpu (7 years), Dev-In National School, Sahakara Nagar, - Bengaluru
  3. Kids’ Picnic Paradise - Vivaan Moda (7 years), Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, New Delhi
  4. The Boat Race - Atharv Brahme (8 years), Sri Aurobindo International School, - Hyderabad

Short Story

Right from stories that had flights of fantasy, to high quality detective and science fiction, to what seemed like the first part of the next bestseller series, we had them all, and how amazingly well-written!

Prize Title Name Age School City
1st Prize Lost, but Waiting to be Found Rachana R A 15 years Carmel School, Padmanabhanagar Bengaluru
2nd Prize The Moon Girl Srikar Chitta 10 years Birla Open Minds International School Hyderabad
2nd Prize Perfect Purvaja Yennamaneni 12 years International School of Hyderabad Hyderabad
2nd Prize A Decision Harshitha Bhat P 16 years Christ Junior College Bengaluru
3rd Prize Shadows Sai Vanshika Gudipalli 15 years The Future Kid’s School Hyderabad
3rd Prize The Comforting Sands Anandini Sengupta 11 years Modern High School for Girls Hyderabad
3rd Prize The Mahabharata of the 2000s Amrit Krishnan 13 years Sloka Waldorf School Hyderabad
Special Mentions
  1. Death and Life - Ayan (10 years), Indus International School, - Hyderabad
  2. The Cat, The Boy and the Banyan Tree - Sai Vanshika Gudipalli (15 years), The Future Kid’s School, - Hyderabad
  3. The Occurrence at Darwain Heights - Shinjini Biswas (13 years), Delhi Public School, North - Kolkata
  4. The Daring Cousins - Maria Wills (11 years), Jevass CMI Central School, Aluva, - Ernakulam
  5. Murder Most Foul - Rishit Vij (11 years), Phoenix Greens School of Learning, - Hyderabad
  6. The Journey to Eternity - Manasvitha B (12 years), Chettinad Vidyashram, - Chennai
  7. The Cursed Village - Malavika Goutam (11 years), BISS Stavanger, Stavanger, - Norway


Our favorite section, and how lovely expressions of emotions, slice of life or a touch of humor! You must read them to believe us that they really are awesome!

Prize Title Name Age School City
1st Prize When the Cicadas Chirp Purvaja Yennamaneni 12 years International School of Hyderabad Hyderabad
2nd Prize Needlework Shreya Sethi 16 years Convent of Jesus and Mary Ambala Cantt
2nd Prize The Illusion Tanvi Nagar 16 years Delhi Public School Gurgaon
3rd Prize Nature’s Beauty Nirvani Sharma 10 years Salwan Public School New Delhi
3rd Prize Unclipped Wings Manraj Singh 13 years Mayo College School Ajmer
Special Mentions
  1. On a Moonlit Night - Shrestha Sharma (11 years), The Orbis School, Pune
  2. Nature - Hansika (12 years), VPM IAM International School, Navi Mumbai
  3. Sunny Day - Eva (13 years), St. Mary’s School, Pune
  4. Home - Arya Dharod (14 years), Indus International School, Hyderabad
  5. What Really Matters - Ayan (10 years), Indus International School, Hyderabad
  6. Colours - Soumya Garg (15 years), Phoenix Greens School of Learning, Hyderabad
  7. In My World - K.Akshara (12 years), Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad
  8. Perfect - Arushi Gupta (14 years), Manthan International School, Hyderabad
  9. Going Back in Time - Viaan Padliya (7 years), The Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai
  10. Fear - Marcela Juanita Fernandez (15 years), Manthan School, Hyderabad

Judges’ Feedback & Certificate of Participation

We believe that rather than trying to get everyone to like our stories, we must get as much feedback about how to improve as we can. Hence, as we promised, we have feedback from our judges for every participant. However, please allow us a 2 days’ time to get these into your inboxes.

Congratulations to all the participants and Kudos to the winners!!

Team KidEngage thanks each and every one of you, and also the parents, educators and schools for participating and making the 2020 KidEngage Writing Competition a tremendous success!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!